Which products can be vinyl printed?

Most of the products we sell can be vinyl printed, our prices include this, there is a few however that can only be embroidered. If that is the case it will say within the product description.


What if I don't have ready made artwork?

We are set up and ready to help in any way we can to assist with creating artwork for you. We can make changes to the artwork so that is exactly what you require. Once its correct we will then start work on your order. There may be an additional charge for complicated artwork, this will be discussed at the begining of the order.


Do you keep artwork on file?

We keep all artwork on file so once it is complete, we can use it on to complete any future orders you place. We can amend any art work if its required, and that to will be kept on file.


Can I copy a design that's not mine?

No you can't, copyright law is very strict and if caught the fines are large so we will not do it under any circumstances. We go through checks to make sure all the artwork is free for use with everything we are sent from customers. If we find that you have been dishonest and lie to us we won't deal with your orders in the future. So you the customer are fully responsible for copyright and fine will be yours if caught.


Which products can be embroidered?

Most products can be embroidered, some work better than others and some don't work at all.. select a product and give us a call.. Embroidering has a minimum of twenty items and depending on how complicated the artwork is, may have a one off digitisation charge of £10 we will inform you of this when we recieve your artwork.


Can I swap vinyl printing to embroidery?

Yes, you can and we will inform you of the price change. We will also inform you if a product can't be embroidered.


Can I return embroidered products?

Sorry no, once a product has be embroidered it can't be returned under any circumstances.


Is your website secure?

All payments are made through paypal which is secure and trusted all over the world.


Do you ship internationally?

No, we can only ship with in the uk, some border regions and the Channel Islands at present.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We take payments through Paypal including cash and credit or debit cards.


How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping within the uk is at our standard pricing but the boarder regions of Scotland and the Channel Islands are charged at a higher rate.


What if I want to buy in bulk?

All the products on the website can be bought in bulk, price breaks happen when ordering more than 20 of the same product so once you have selected the product and have decided on numbers please give us a call and we can explain the reduction in price.


Can I change my mind and return a product?

If a product is unprinted then yes you can but there is a 25% restocking fee and it is down to you to get it to us undamaged. Once the quality has been checked then a refund will be discussed. if the product has been printed or damaged then we are sorry but no refund can be given.


Can I change the deals on the website?

All of the deals on the website are because we have customers who buy them on a regular basis, if you need a similar kind of deal on another product please contact us and we will help you, and maybe add it to the website for other customers to use.


What are the delivery details?

We use a courier for next business day deliveries or post for smaller orders which takes 2 -3 days to reach you.


What if I receive my order and its wrong?

We do everything possible to make sure your order is correct before we send it. we will check and ask for the go ahead on all artwork and will double check the colours and sizes etc before any work will start. but, we are only human and if a mistake does slip through we will correct it for you. However, if it is your mistake then it is down to you to re order the correct product at your own cost.


What if I need something next day?

Next day is always hard to promise because we use a third party for deliveries and may not have the stock you require, but what we will do is promise to get your order to you as quickly as possible.


Do you carry out fraud checks ?

Every order goes through fraud checking by us and our bank before and order can be processed and if fraud is detected we refund the payment and the relevent department of the police is informed.


How long does it take to get my order?

We do everything possible to make sure your order is completed and despatched as soon as possible. Most orders are completed and sent within a few days (dependant on numbers etc). we send orders on a next business day service.


What if my order gets lost or delayed?

If an order is delayed by a courier we will aim to keep you informed of its whereabouts as soon as you lets us know. If a courier informs us that a order is lost we will discuss sending out a replacement using the same products as originally ordered.


What is your liability?

We do not pay compensation under any circumstances.


What if my order arrives damaged?

If an order is damaged by a courier we need to be informed within 24 hours of delivery and we will arrange for the courier to collect it from you and returned to us. Once the damage has been checked then we will contact you to discuss sending out a replacement using the same products as originally ordered.



Thank you for shopping with us!